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  • This new program is more difficult to use than anything previous. It does not work well on my website. You now can not enlarge any of the pictures you post. In addition it is too conventional in its layout to be interesting.

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  • Hello, thanks for taking the time to write a review. It’d be helpful for us to hear what you’re finding difficult to use about Gutenberg, and how it’s not working well on your site.

    You should be able to resize pictures by clicking and dragging the corners, or changing the numeric values under Image Dimensions in the Image Settings (which is in the Image block inspector).

    If you just want to link to a larger version of the picture, you can also use the Link Settings in the Image block inspector, where there are options for linking to the media file or attachment page.

    In regard to layouts, have you checked out the Layout Elements? This gives you some options to play with, including columns.

    You answer implies that now nothing is intuitive. Under the classic version I didn’t have to worry about achieving a larger version of a picture. I just clicked the picture and it was automatically there. You have now made that impossible to do without a complicated link process. Whereas before it was automatic.

    The layout is boring. Rigid columns with no flexibility. You can achieve three pictures in a row and that seems to be about all you can do.

    I want all this to be as simple as possible. I have no computer training. Nor do I want any. The content of the website is what is important not the mechanics of how it is achieved.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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