• Richard Gaspa


    I am rating this (demo) app only. This rating does NOT apply to the full version plugin. This plugin does NOT work. I could not get the labels to print or most of the other features to work. This plugin has not been updated since 2016. I downloaded this light version to check it out before purchasing. If the full paid version ($129.00) works like this, the author and anyone who purchase it has a major problem on their hands and an expensive non-working plugin installed. It would be better if the author removes this non-working and outdated plugin from the WordPress plugin area then to have store owners like myself download it and get totally turned off by how it works. I hope the full version works better than this one dose and is updated more often than the light version. Bottom line: remove this light version if you’re not going to keep it up-to-date. I will give this plugin one star and only because the WordPress review area will not let me give it a flat zero. It’s too bad because if the full version works like the author says it does in the Woocommerce extension area he has a winner on his hands. Many store owners like myself downloading and checking out the light version first will be turned off from trying the full version.

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