• My client’s site threw a curve at me: varied shipping costs for different price ranges. Oh dear… what would I do. After doing a couple searches, I came across Flexible Product Fields. Unbelievable. It had TABLES where you simply say “this price range has X shipping, that price range has Y shipping, the next range has Z shipping…” and so on.

    You saved the day, I needed a solution immediately and it was perfectly done. It made me want to do an immediate review!

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    Hello @davidborrink

    Thanks for the kind words but I think there was a mistake.
    Flexible Product Fields plugin does not have such functions so I assume that it is about our other plugin named Flexible Shipping.

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    Oh, I thought I clicked on the link to leave a review for it. Must not have read the right link. You can delete this. I’ll find the right spot.

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