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  • Thank goodness we have the Trigger Browsersync WordPress plugin by Sami Greenbury. And, I love the way it piggy backs onto Browsersync (loose coupling).

    You will need to follow the install instructions carefully. And, the big prerequisite is knowing how to set up Browsersync of course. Knowing Gulp would be even better. If you aren’t comfortable wading through PHP and JavaScript, this plugin might be too intimidating. But, I highly recommend giving it a try because it will save you tons of dev time. Assuming you have a local WordPress dev env and are working on a lot of WordPress sites.

    I did find a teeny bug (typo) that can be easily fixed. If you run into it too, then change “emssage” to “message” on line 275 in the trigger-browsersync.php file. I posted about this in the support forum.

    If you have any issues at all with the set up, I suggest turning on your PHP debugging and telling the Trigger Browsersync plugin to log events via a filter. See the plugin details page.

    A couple FYIs

    1) This plugin does not seem to watch PHP and CSS updates. I have Gulp file that instantiates Browsersync reloads my browser on any PHP and CSS file changes. This setup runs perfectly with this plugin. I didn’t have to change a thing in my Gulp file.

    2) There has not been any plugin updates for 9 months at the time of this post.

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  • Plugin Author Patabugen


    Hey Mark,

    Thank you for your detailed review!

    Regarding note #1 – I have no intention of adding that kind of support, since Gulp/Grunt does it much better (and always will). To achieve that with a plugin would require some kind of long-running PHP or strange use of WP-Cron which would end up overly complicated and unreliable.

    Thread Starter mark l chaves


    Hi Sami,

    Yup. I totally agree with you on that. That’s why I mentioned loving the loose coupling with Browsersync and loving how I didn’t need to change my existing Gulp file at all to work with you plugin. Woo hoo!

    Sorry if you thought I implied you should support flat file updates. I don’t think you should at all.

    My closing notes are just a FYIs. The first point is so people know they need an additional setup if they want updates to HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS files to trigger Browsersync. The plugin documentation implicitly hints that flat file updates do not refresh the browser by simply not mentioning these files in your Triggers bullet list.

    It might be good to state this fact and your reasoning that kindly supplied above in your documentation. IMHO, clarifying this point would help plugin & theme developers know right away they will need to cover flat file refreshes on their own. Just my two cents 🙂

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