• It was working great for a while. Silly me, I should have known better. I’m not sure if it’s an update to this, or an update to that, but now it simply will not calculate commissions correctly no matter what I do. I’ve tried turning off all plugins, rolling back, updating everything and it’s just a d*** mess.

    I went to their website thinking I might as well also price it if I’m going to continue using it, but the link to see the plugin itself doesn’t take you to that. It takes you to this all purpose cluster f of a page that has nothing to do with what I need. If I wanted to contact customer support over this or even just report there’s an issue they may want to look into, I’m sol. If I wanted to waste even more time finding the extension to purchase it, sure, but why would I want to waste more time??

    This was the ONLY plugin that would calculate commissions for me, and I’m back to pen, pencil and calculator to make sure the folks I’m helping out get paid properly. Thank the GODS I didn’t actually PAY for it yet!!!!

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  • Plugin Author Dualcube


    Hi @rainbowprophet, sorry to hear that you have faced some issues.

    @rainbowprophet, we didn’t made any changes to commission calculations in our updates. That is why, we are not sure why the commissions are not calculating correctly in your site.

    We do take the commission calculations and payment part very seriously as this is the main backbone of a Marketplace and we do a lot of testings on our end . After hearing from you about this, we did the tests again with our all commission calculations flow, but didn’t face any issue.

    Just to help you out, this is our doc on our commission calculations structure

    @rainbowprophet, will be kind enough to explain the issues of your site to use, so we can help you out. I hope you will give us a chance to assit you on this.

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