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  • antya63


    Not sure what all the options meant, and couldn’t find enough clarification (for a technically useless person like myself). I just changed the number of revisions to save = 1, just in case, and left all other default options as they were. Running the optimiser saved me nearly 50MB, so I’m a happy bunny. Maybe if I checked other optimisation options I would have saved more, but I was scared of tinkling with stuff I don’t understand, in case I broke my site. Only thing I can see is that posts don’t display previous revisions, and I was expecting them to all show 1 as that’s what I set the plug in to do. Unless I did something wrong, being a muppet.

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  • shorelarkbythesea



    I too am near technically useless when it comes to the nuts and bolts of this stuff…was this plug in really easy to use? I have a ton of old revisions that I’m assuming I should get rid of, just for site optimisation and database hygiene…but of course always worry about ‘breaking something’ when I run a plug in for something that is beyond my comprehension…so you had no worries or “WTF do I do now?” moments when running this plug in?

    Hahaha! You sound just like me. Proud owner of zero technical skills. I make the magic happen in the kitchen, not on a machine! I assure you that I have plenty of “WTF do I do now” moments, with pretty much every plugin. My golden rule with plugin settings is always: ‘if you don’t know what it means, leave it alone’.
    This one was quite straight forward. I still don’t see ANY post revisions (expected to see 1 as per what I set it to do), except for those posts created after optimisation, obviously. But other than that, I haven’t detected anything negative. I’d say go for it (but take a back up first – just in case)!

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