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  • At least this guy has taught me to not trust plugin developers. Make sure you guys check your website after updating plugins.

    I would recommend you delete this or don’t use it because of the underhanded tricks the guy tried to do to get links to his webpage.

    Blackhat indeed.

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  • We’re sorry that you feel like that.

    The previous developer of the plugin, dartiss, did a fantastic job with the plugin but had advertising, sponsorship and donation requests across the README and plugin to try to compensate for development costs. We have removed all of these but, in return, have added a download bar under each video. This can be easily switched off, if required, and was clearly mentioned in the changelog and screenshots.

    However, we’re keen to understand what we could have done better. As a commercial venture we need to add the download bar but maybe this could have been better communicated – feel free to help with suggestions on what we should have done better.

    Future plans for the plugin are only to add new features to increase downloads and users – there are no plans to add anything else promotional at all as the branding of the plugin and the download bar are all that’s required.


    Seriously you think removing adds that only the website administrators sees is the same as one in which all visitors to a website sees? What you did was add spam links to websites without any clear indication that you have done so. It did not look professional. The one sentence blurb in the changelog was in no way clear or informative nor did it mention how to remove the spam.

    If this only affected new installs it would have been fine. At least they would have seen it right away. Adding spam to already deployed websites is as wrong as it gets. It is underhanded. This is of course exactly what you wanted. You now have many new links with many users having no idea that you did this.

    As mentioned before this is as blackhat as it gets.

    Again, we are sorry you feel this way.

    The offer to help us document this change in future so to avoid confusion, however, is still open.


    After feedback we have updated the plugin and changed the way the links are output – we hope these are more suitable.

    We have also taken the time to add some new, requested features including the ability to specify the resolution of the video.

    If you have any further feedback, don’t hesitate to comment.


    I updated to the latest version 3.4.1. I now notice that after I added CSS declaration .vye_links {display:none !important;}, there’s now an inline CSS for the vixy links <span style=”” class=”vye_links”>.

    What’s the purpose of the inline CSS reset <span style=”” class=”vye_links”>? All it did was reset any CSS overrides that would be used to remove your unwanted links. The links are back by default. I have to untick under profiles.

    Above where you tick/untick for the download bar to appear you can specify some CSS to wrap around the output. If you specify anything here then it’s added to the SPAN that you mention. If you’ve not supplied any CSS then this SPAN should not appear.

    However, I’ve taken a look and you’re right, it’s appearing – this is a bug. We’ll fix it with the next release.


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