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  • stylepeterson


    I have been building websites for the better part of ten years. Lately, especially since responsive web design has become a necessity, WordPress is all I do. I am converting my own portfolio to a WordPress responsive site. Please give me your impressions. This is designed to appeal to female consumers and small businesses looking for branding and web design.


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  • Boyevul


    (1)Interesting use of a premium real-estate theme for a portfolio.
    (2)Did you know your Chocolate design is on several websites with different people claiming to have authored it?
    (3)The design is clean, sleek, and to the point.

    Really, really like your page. It’s beautiful. I like the mellow feel and it’s easy to navigate. Well done!

    Your facebook and twitter link in the header – links to the theme creator (BTOA themes)

    [ Link deleted, please stop doing that. ]

    Site looks cool. Why don’t you add some description about your site on your home page to give your users and idea what your site is all about. Overall its nice. Thanks.

    Good job! your site look great!
    [link removed]

    @quangngaifood – please stop posting links to your site in other people’s threads – that’s not how this forum works, and we delete those. You already have your own thread for feedback on your site (and duplicate postings there will be deleted too).

    Elegant design and feel. It was a bit slow loading for me but the overall layout is great. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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