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  • Maybe the Gutenburg team should have a look at some good, functional, intuitive builders out there rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Gutenburg in its current state is not intuitive or useful. I use Divi and am working on a new site and decided to try out Gutenburg to see what it would do to my Divi-built pages. Scary.

    The interface is just strange and cumbersome. I don’t have the time I’d need to figure out how it works just for the sake of beta testing. I really wanted to get an idea of what it would do to all of my existing formatting (not promising). As for clients using it, I shudder to think. I spent an hour this morning just walking a client through the process of moving files around on Google drive so trying to teach them how to use a radically different editor in WordPress would be a nightmare.

    I quickly deactivated Gutenburg and replaced the broken Divi modules.

    Please, please, please make this editor optional. Go ahead and include it as an alternative but please don’t force us to march to its beat.

    My clients (and everyone else’s out there) have invested a lot of money on sites that look and perform the way they need them to. How can you justify imposing something on us that will cost everyone untold hours of work with no guarantees that we can restore our sites back to the way they looked and functioned before Gutenburg scrambled them?

    It’s great that WordPress is developing a builder but it has to be as good as the existing plugins out there if the intention is to have Gutenburg be the ONLY builder. What would be the point of reducing our options? I must be missing something here.

    Please listen to what the community of users is saying to you. Developers need to develop for their users rather than trying to force users to conform to what they’re told they should use.

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    First thanks for taking time to try and leave a review for Gutenberg. Feedback is incredibly important and shapes products. With regards to the breaking with Divi, I know that a many plugin authors are right now working on ways to avoid breaking both on activation and with use, thanks for being an early tester. I would highly recommend feeding back those insights to Divi as with any product knowing where it breaks is crucial.

    Phase two will see the more ‘page builder’ aspects coming into Gutenberg. The intention isn’t at all for it to be the only option, more it’s a base that others can build on. Imagine a world for example where Divi and others extend beyond Gutenbrg, using the base as a take off point.

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