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    Getting the following error:

    “The last rules update for the Wordfence Web Application Firewall was unsuccessful. The last successful update check was March 9, 2019 11:25 pm, so this site may be missing new rules added since then. You may wait for the next automatic attempt at March 24, 2019 12:29 am or try to Manually Update by clicking the “Manually Refresh Rules” button below the Rules list.”

    Attempting to “Manually Refresh Rules”, I get the following:

    “Rule Update Failed
    No rules were updated. Please verify you have permissions to write to the /wp-content/wflogs directory. ”

    Permissions on the wflogs folder are currently 755. I have attempted to manually set them to 777 to test, and it still failed. I was able to save a test file to the folder, and remove it, without issue.

    Permissions on the wflogs/rules.php file are currently 644. All attempts to update fail with the same error. Date/time on file has not changed.

    Diagnostics have been sent.

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  • marinorama


    Have the same problem.



    It seems they are aware of it, although it seems to be taking a while for it to be fixed. See my post

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    @hunnsdon, I was instructed to make a separate thread to report the incident for my site as well.



    I also have the same issue



    same here



    temporary solution : Go to Plugins, empty cache, deactivate wordfence, empty again cache, activate wordfence and from the same plugin page enter the error message in manual update and it will let you update… repeat the process several times if it doesn’t work the first time. But this is a bad fix



    Manually updating the rules worked for me now – without the workaround. Maybe it had been a problem with the rules update servers.

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    Still failing.

    Plugin Author WFSupport


    We released an update that should have fixed this yesterday. Can you make sure you have the last update (7.2.4) and manually updating the rules? If that doesn’t work can you try deleting the rules.php file in wp-content/wflogs? Let Wordfence automatically regenerate the file (usually within 30 minutes) and see if the issue is resolved.


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    Version is 7.2.4.

    I tried that.

    It attempted to refresh, created a blank, 0kb rules.php file, and failed.

    I also deactivated and reactivated the plug in, in an attempt to get it to recheck the rules. Still not working.

    I have resent the diagnostics report.

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    So my site currently has zero firewall rules, and still unable to get it to update or write the new file version. It DID delete the renamed rules file, so I don’t have that for backup even.

    I logged into my much-less used WP site with Wordfence installed, and found it is having the same issue as the newer site. Everything’s been updated there, and it hasn’t seen an update since March 10th.

    Any chance of getting a manual copy of the rules file that I can upload to both domains affected?

    I’ve reached out to my webhost to have them double check to be sure they didn’t block or change something that may be having an impact.

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    @wfsupport I’ve worked with my webhost, and the script running times have been increased for the administrative users for the sites involved. The first increase allowed for a longer time out, but further increases have not changed the speed with which the timeouts occur on the updating.

    On the primary site, I have deleted and reinstalled the application. It did not download new rules or update.

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