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  • So, I really like your plugin (I’ve asked you a question in another thread), but I would like to know, the data that I’m saving (post data, times, dates, etc) is stored, is it saved in the wp data base or somewhere else?

    I was thinking an easier solution to changing the data/text with the post (as I only post a subject line and a picture, which can stay the same) I could just edit the data in the back end. Then I could compose my text in notepad (or similar) and then copy and paste, it would save me going through all the steps of clicking edit, then edit, save, etc

    Hope this makes sense.

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  • Plugin Author miunosoft


    As you know, this plugin serves as an action module of the Task Scheduler plugin. Task Scheduler stores created task data in an invisible post of a custom post type with the slug of ts_task. It stores the action module’s settings in the post meta field with the key of the action slug. Auto Post’s action slug is auto_post_action_module.

    When a task is going to be performed, Task Scheduler creates a routine object which is also associated with an invisible custom post and it inherits the settings of the task. And the routine object performs the defined task.

    In order to edit saved action module’s data without UI, you would need to be able to code or run MySQL queries. It will not be easy if you are not familiar with PHP and MySQL.

    By reading what your trying to do, it doesn’t sound that this plugin is not for your needs. You may want to find a bulk post editor plugin instead.

    I’ll have to live with editing yours then, as yours is the only one I was able to find that serves my need to make a post at 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 10.00pm and 11.30pm, while I’m streaming to my site, which in turns posts out to twitter and all those other social media sites.

    I just wanted to be able to take your plugin, and say I’m streaming #outlast on Fri and Sat, it would say..

    “Hey, come and watch me play #outlast at [my url here], @re-tweettag1, 2, 3, etc”

    then the next weekend I might be playing Overwatch, so I’d only need to change one word, but it will still be the same line.

    “Hey, come and watch me play #overwatch at [my url here], @re-tweettag1, 2, 3, etc”

    only needing to change one word, in this case #outlast to #overwatch, but because of the way I have it at the moment, I have to go in and change it with a good few clicks to get me there.

    If you can maybe suggest a workaround with your plugins, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Plugin Author miunosoft


    In that case, I would try creating posts with Emails. Outlook seems to have the ability to schedule sending Emails. And there are WordPress plugins that let you create posts with Emails. This might be the easiest solution. I haven’t tried this so I cannot guarantee whether it works or not but it’s worth trying. If those Email post plugins use WP Cron API, the posts may not be created on time as it requires somebody to access the site. In that case, you can run Task Scheduler without creating tasks. It has the server heartbeat functionality so scheduled actions with WP Cron will be able to run on time.

    If you still want to use this Auto Post action module, you can create multiple tasks and have one task with Text A and have another task with Text B and schedule them at different times. In your case, you want to create posts in certain weeks. It is a problem that Task Scheduler does not have an option for scheduling tasks on every other week or something similar that lets you pick which week to run the task. In order to achieve this, a custom Occurrence module needs to be written.

    Anyway, I would try Email posting first. Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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