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  • Plugin Author Till Krüss


    @palatin8: The free version has not been limited in any way since the release of the premium version.

    What do other plugins offer you that this one does not?

    Other free plugins can encode all email addresses everywhere (mailto links or plain text in html, feeds).

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    Would you mind sending me their names? I’ll do my best to include their features in the free version as well.

    Not wanting to jump on the band-waggon, but I wonder. The plugin description states this as a premium feature: “Full-page protection that catches all email addresses”

    So the free version doesn’t protect some instances of email adresses while technically it could, no? I think that’s what palatin8 is talking about.

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    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    @motivmedia: Yes, technically it could.

    Technically the free version can encode all emails as well. You just have to set up the right filters and code them into your theme or MU-plugin. Technically.

    The Premium version is significantly more complex. It uses PHP’s output buffers, fail-safe HTML parsing, has custom code for dozens of 3rd party plugins (ACF, WC, Jetpack, etc.) and even obfuscates email addresses in some script tags.

    For years I wanted to build the best email protection for WordPress, but the $65 in donations that I received over the last 8 years just didn’t cut it.

    I might have built it anyway, but the number of bad reviews and rude AF messages I got killed that desire. Take this thread for example: A 1-star review, without even linking to a better plugin that people could use.

    I wanted to serve people who want the best product possible and value customer service.

    I continuously work on improving the Premium version and every couple of weeks features (like for example automatic cache flushing in v1.0.15) trickle into the free version.

    So despite palatin8’s conclusion, the free version is getting more love it has in years. I also never removed any features or limited the free version in any way.

    Hi Till,
    your explanation ist highly appreciated! I just had the feeling, there were some misunderstanding between palatin8 and you about that. Also I was just curious 🙂

    Again, much appreciated answer.

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    @motivmedia: My pleasure. Feel free to reach out anytime.

    Come on. You still want me to drop names of alternatives. Better think of more unique names for your plugins.

    I was using the original Simple Mail Address Encoder for some sites with no hassle. For a new site, it seems, I was mistakenly installing your Email Address Encoder instead. Finding out that most most eMails were not encrypted with your plugin, but driving me to a pro version to get better results.

    Meanwhile I use the old Email Encoder Bundle for this site, even better than its follower WP Mailto Links.

    Good explanation 🙂

    I’m new to this plugin.
    After reading the plugin-description, I also got the impression of a “limited lite version”, which just promotes the PRO. Your comment here changed my opinion.

    Maybe it would be helpful, to have some of that explanations in your description.

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