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  • Damien


    I have been a fan of NP since the beginning. It’s technically brilliant and saves a lot of time having to do manual perf improvement.

    But lately, I’ve found that the support is going downhill.

    Beyond a recent outage that lasted several days, there are often some annoyances, display issues, curious problems with the service.
    It would all be fine if the support was reactive, but it’s sadly not the case anymore.

    It takes days to get an answer that is often not helpful, or even somewhat patronizing.
    When you pay several hundred dollars a month, I find that steep.

    So you end-up de-activating NP and going back to local caching quite regularly…

    A bit of a pity.
    Update December 2020 –
    It’s now issue after issue, after issue.
    One day it’s 502 on all resource on their CDN (css, images)
    Annother day it’s their lazy loading script that decides to not lazy load at all on mobile

    Now considering leaving, despite how good it is when it works.

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    Update January:
    After a bit of work, I managed to get the same scores as Nitropack on one of my websites while using just WP Rocket + Cloudflare and a bunch of manual work in function.php.
    Will do the same on the second website and hello stability!

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    Update June 2021:
    I’ve now completely removed Nitropack from all my websites.

    Interestingly after removing NP, installing WPRocket, and making various optimization, my PSI Lab Data dropped significantly (with NP was in the high 90, it is now around 60).
    BUT, my GSC PageExperience/Core Web Vitals all went UP big time!

    So, I came to the conclusion that Nitropack mostly optimizes for good test scores. While other tools optimize for good real-life performance.

    $200 per month for good test scores but bad real performance is clearly not good value.

    Happy to be gone.

    PS: the last interactions I’ve had with the support team were laughable. To the question: “Is there a way to deactivate the automatic cache purge on an update of a menu”, I was replied several time: “Exclude the Menu URL”. It shows such a deep misunderstanding of how WordPress works… And also that the support isn’t getting any better.
    Oh yeah and the optimization service had stopped doing anything for a few days. Would they proactively contact you to tell you that the Optimization service is overloaded? Absolutely Not.

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