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  • I have been repeatedly trying to get a response back from this company since the app got installed to my site. After several contacts to find out why all of the spam and hack attempts started right after it, no response but that someone would check into it.
    I posted in the support forum in hopes of something getting done. Since my post our site and our phone has been getting repeated attacks from duo’s own servers. We have been working with our phone carrier to get to the bottom of it. The only communication that can come through my phone is the dup text codes. Duo finally locked down my site, locking me out and stuck in a continuous login loop. I disabled the plugin and all attacks stopped, now im trying to close our account with them and get my phone back to working.
    such a sham!!!

    After reaching them via phone “odd the only number that would go through. They disabled my account and now my site and phone are in 100% working order.

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  • My sites have been bombarded by hacking robots for over 12 months. I activated this and the number of attacks halved. If you have WordPress you are open to bombardment and nothing to do with any plugin. That’s why security is recommended. Not sure what your problem was but don’t be too hasty in pointing the finger is all I’m saying.

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    was being honest my friend, we had to have an attorney pull up the info on this plugin. since removed and the blocking their ips all issues stopped. thanks for your concern but you didnt go through this nor know anything about the matter. This plugin factually caused this issue, also I have the documented emails and phones calls from the situation, so if i just had an issue and wanted to be mean about it I’d link all of it.
    I cant stress it enough what that company done to us was unsafe. Thanks

    Fair enough reply. Best wishes to you.

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