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  • After “upgrading” to 2.01, I have spent about 25 hours trying to get everything on my mildly customized blogs to work, and I’m in “500 Internal Service Error” land. Ironic thing was I recommended Wp to a client yesterday, I will be looking for another solution now.

    I have it so folks can see my blog, but I cannot add an entry which, get this, has any hyperlinks in it. But who would want those in a blog?

    My problem is I have zero interest in trouble-shooting this, and my clients cannot afford to pay me to do so on their dime.

    I switched from Movable Type to WP a long while ago but I’m going to consider moving back. As a programmer, seeing a 500 error on a simple database write tells me that the code can’t be all that robust. Upgrading to 1.5 was painful but doable; upgrading to 2.0 was/is horrific and I cannot see a feature worth the pain. Yeah, prettier text editing box–I can live without it.

    Maybe for future reference you guys can simply say the truth: Your old blog is not likely to work in the new version, please start from scratch. And, oh yeah, no hyperlinks in your text, please.

    This is a straight-up install with all plugins disabled.

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  • If the “prettier text editing box” is not your cup of tea, who put the gun to your head to upgrade?

    Seriously, are you asking for help to get things working, or are you just grandstanding on your way out? I really don’t mean this as an attack on you, but this is your first post to the forums???

    Couple personal points:

    * I’ve upgraded.
    * It didn’t take me 25 minutes.

    So the question is: Help, or no help? Because a first post which breaks down to little more than “WordPress sucks, you all suck, I’m out of here” seems to demand the latter.

    Not sure what kind of answer you are looking for with this post. I can’t seem to find a question.

    If you are experienced in coding, you understand that a small mistake can be a huge mistake. If you have “mildly” customized, my assumption is that you have broke something. My reason for saying this is that WP has a HUGE user base. If this was a default problem, you would have thousands of people screaming. Instead, there are tens of thousands of people who are happy as a pig in mud with WP.

    So, from one experienced program to the other, go back and look at your customizations. I had a similar problem and it turned out that I was stupid and simply wrote a line of bad code.

    Good luck working it out. If you wish to go back to MT, go for it but personally, I really like the price of the WP software and the plugin community can’t be beat. If you are building a web dev business, MT can eat into the profits in a hurry.

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