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  • It replaces text strings, but the links are plain as day.

    <a href=""><span class="oe_textdirection">moc.sserdda<span class="oe_displaynone">null</span>@liame</span></a>

    Is this the desired outcome? Are the emails really obfuscated?

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  • Plugin Author Scott Reilly


    WordPress & Plugin Developer

    @hoochalaffa: Hi,

    Where are you checking the output? Are you using ‘view source’ to view the raw text output? You can’t use the browser’s developer/inspector tools to examine the elements since encoded characters are converted there.

    If you have the “Obfuscate entire e-mail address?” setting checked but the “Replacement for ‘@'” setting blank, the output of your example looks like this:

    Obfuscate example 1

    If “Obfuscate entire e-mail address?” is checked, the output looks like this:

    Obfuscate example2 1

    Unless you obfuscate the text string “mailto” a clever robot will find and decode the address. Still stops the dumb robots though.

    EDIT: I see you have that in your TODO list…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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