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  • I wanted to drop my website, One and a Half, into the cesspool. I’ve spent about two weeks getting it where it is. I have a ways to go. I’d like to add some color. Definitely. Definitely some color. My readership, well, consists solely of my grandmother, really. 🙂 So I needed to keep it high contrast. Thanks to everybody on this board. I used y’all to get the brand-spankin’-new sideblog to work, as well as some behind-the-scenes work.

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  • It reminds me of a newspaper…very nice!
    Your grandma must have good eyes to read that thin column with small text. 😉

    Actually I like it black and white. It’s very classy. I think you should keep it as is, and do another skin if you want to play around with colours.

    Nice clean minimalistic design 🙂 Pretty cool. I would tho’ make left column with posts a bit wider cause most of your content is there. Like left column would take 3/4 of total container’s width (hey, that would be one and a half ;))
    Regards, MaxT

    I like the newspaper’esque design. I once had a good friend who’s website was a very faithful reproduction of an old-fashioned gazette style paper, but with modern navigation. Very classy.
    If you wanted to really pimp the newspaper look, I’d consider a background color of a very light tan/grey color to simulate newsprint, and perhaps even a subtle background image of newsprint, maybe with a little crinkling on the edges. You could probably get a big ole sheaf of newsprint at an art store, then crumple the edges a bit like a paper, and then scan it and make the background out of it.
    Then again, maybe you want to keep the newspaper look on the downlow, then a background image could be overkill.
    Anyway, nice site. In general, it might be nice to have the content column a touch wider, but I like the overall look.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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