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  • Prove me wrong?

    I Joined up here partially due to the fact it is open source, but mainly because you all seemed to be so helpful and kind. I think I was wrong?

    I have asked for help 6 times in the last couple days on completely different topics. Some were questions and some were suggestions.

    Guess How many of you even attempted to help me?

    Hey ya know if anyone actually helped me I would return the favor with others and lighten the load off your backs.

    Personally I think part of the problem is the message board software. Sorry just my opinion. Sorry for being honest.

    I am a Marketing and Search Engine Specialist anyone need help there, I will swap some time with an experienced developer??

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  • I’ve read your requests, but I don’t know anything to help you. You wanted me to post that each time?

    I find people here INCREDIBLY helpful….

    Well, out of the past five post you’ve had some people try to help you on two. But I do have to admit, you ask some pretty tough questions (at least they are over my head). It might take a while to find the answers you are looking for, as I’m sure the folks who can answer the really tough questions are already hip-deep in there own issues, and only come around every few days.

    That wasn’t justified. I am an ass,
    Sorry folks I am just extremely frustrated lately everywhere I turn I hit the wall. You should have seen the trouble I went through with DMOZ RDF Dumps, Still stuck on that.

    I know they aren’t basic, but most would help a lot of people.

    Anyway I apoligize, for the ass in me… This place is very helpful.



    Member : 2 hours old as of my typing, and the rest of your threads look to be answered save one other.

    wow, how terrible — you need some perspective. Love those tags you added too, youve just insulted every person here — good for you.

    I learned early on, before there were as many people familiar with WordPress and eager to help, that the first thing I have to do is SEARCH by myself. I also had to learn the jargon and terms for what it was that I wanted to get the answers for. Usually, I’d find the answers along the way, but it was a struggle.

    Now, there are dozens of volunteers who work overtime on this forum to answer people’s question. But not everyone who is here all the time knows the answer to every question. The really tough ones have to sit there and wait for the experts, who have more than enough to do with their lives, to visit the forum and just happen upon your question and just happen to have the answer.

    And this isn’t the only place to get help, though it does an amazing job. The folks on the Direct Link to the #Wordpress ICQ Channel are live helpers often with the time and knowledge to do some hand holding, if you are nice and have a good sense of humor. And patience.

    There are also hundreds, maybe thousands by now, of people who run into the same problems as most people run into, who post the solution on their site. Searching sometimes gives a good answer.

    But good on you for admitting to your assyness. We all get frustrated. I’ve wanted to slam my keyboard down a few virtual throats waiting for answers while my site was borked, we’ve all been there. We just don’t always have the answers to the questions. We’re trying.

    I’d say mostly it is very helpful.
    But you also have to keep in mind that the majority of the “helpers” around this forum are not developers and/or programmers. Just ordinary WP users who happen to be a little bit more familiar with the features of this script. Maybe because they started to use it earlier. Or they just are more interested in learning about it. I know for sure about myself that I am not able to write one single line of code; the maximum is copy-paste.
    That is one of the reasons that users with very specific questions like yourself, have to wait until a knowledgable good soul comes along and posts a reply 🙂

    Yup – I get it entirely about frustration, the pope. And I’m not by nature a patient person (which is why I have more often screwed things up by twitching and tweaking than just waiting for the answer!)

    When I get “that level” of frustrated, I start searching here on every term I even THINK might pertain, and clicking on the “try search on google” link on every one.

    Sometimes it helps by finding me the answer, if not here then somewhere else. Sometimes it just helps by sending me somewhere with other interesting info….




    It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating:
    The support here is on an all-volunteer basis. Yes, sometimes it sucks. Sometimes no one will have an answer for your specific question. Sometimes the people with the answer will provide a maddeningly cryptic answer. Sometimes you’ll get wrong advice.

    The more narrow the problem, the less likelihood of someone being able to quickly provide an answer. Provide as much information about the problem, including ways to replicate it if possible, and be patient.

    Once an answer is found (either from your own effort, or a response to your post), be sure to let everyone know. We all benefit fromt that.

    With a name like thepope, how can you expect people to respond? Aren’t you supposed to know a lot, Mr. Ratzinger 🙂

    I know how frustrating not getting help can be but, as has been said already (and bears repeating again for anybody else that might have the problem of not finding an answer), help comes when people can help.

    I’ve been using WordPress since about 1.2 off and on. When I started I had a ton of problems getting it to work with my site and it took me weeks (literally) to find some of the answers (and many were answered with v1.5 though I have different problems now that I’ve tackled on my own in roundabout ways because a coder I am not). The Support Staff is cool and helpful and just need time to respond (if they have an answer).

    When these folks all get paid to do what they do I’m sure the tech help will be quicker (albeit less usefull and more annoying as it will be outsourced to Jupiter or something).

    Personally, if it wasn’t for the support staff here I wouldn’t be blogging at all anymore.

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