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  • Neat, clean and well done! I like it. (Firefox, winXP)

    Cool site dude. It has a really neat minimalist mac feel to it. A lot of folks are going to really like it. And a great name.

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    I got this on ur blog… that is 1 long long page and the domain name is long…

    Thanks for the thoughts … a new domain name is on the way, something shorter and easier to type. As for the execution times – my ‘server’ is ‘powered’ by a 300mhz Cyrix MII chip with 64mb of RAM – I’ll be shifting the whole thing to a new box later in the week.

    Well, matters of personnal taste …
    I like white bg
    I like full width layouts. 700 pixels width pages just look silly on my 1600×1200 monitor. Actually to be more accurate, I like almost-full-width layouts. Yours would look better IMO at 95% width, like this the thin grey border wouldnt be “merged” with the scrollbar or page edge. The counterpart of full width being the fact you need to write rather lengthy posts, or they turned as a single line at high rez which also looks silly 🙂

    What surprises me more is the fact that no one screamed at <TABLE> 🙂

    i’m told tables have their uses and i shouldn’t scream at them…*sigh*
    btw why *do* people scream at them?

    Cause some people just have to bitch about them…
    Tables intended to use for printing tabular data, not for design layout how it was used for ages now… Someone heard that tables are bad, but haven’t got into details *why* they are bad… Therefor you have this efefct where someone runs screaming “tables are bad” without actually understanding why.
    btw, don’t take it as a personal insult, ozh… It’s just how situation in general looks like.

    hey, where do you see that I take anything as a personal insult ? 🙂

    aha! you’re personally insulted that he thinks you might take something as a personal insult!
    hmmm 😛
    ::is clearly bored and is posting for posting sake::

    @ ozh
    Just wanted to make sure that there were no misunderstandings 🙂
    @ Lilandra
    *sigh* spammer *sigh* :p

    FFS damn forum that can’t remember the damn login!1111111
    /me curses

    “For the last seven years, we’ve been pushing Web design further and further down the same path. Once we found out that we could take tables and bend them into design, we jumped all over the idea. But at their heart, tables are grids, their rows and cells strict and confining. We could change their shapes, yes, but only in groups. We spanned the rows and columns in search of more flexibility, trying to sneak our way around the limitations. But there, in amongst those rows and cells, we got trapped into a certain way of thinking: this was possible and that was not; this could be done but that was too much effort to be worthwhile.
    Like tables, there is another highly limiting structure that’s composed of rows and cells: a prison. It’s time for designers to break out. “
    – Eric Meyer (CSS Guru)



Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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