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    Welcome to the Themes and Templates forum. (For help with theme-related questions, css, etc..) To help you get your question answered as quickly as possible, please have a quick read of our welcome message here.

    The welcome message tells you what to put in your posts to help people here to help you. It also tells you what you should avoid doing, and how to keep track of your posts.

    So, please, have a read, then go ahead and start posting.

    If you have a question about a specific theme, then we suggest visiting that theme in the Extend section first, and then using the "Write a New Topic" link from there to make your post. This has the effect of tagging the post with that theme's name, making it more visible to the author and making it more clear what your post is about. You're more likely to get a response to a specific theme related question in this way.

    Thanks & enjoy your stay, from the moderation team.

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