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  • Hi all.

    I’m a bit of a geography geek and so decided to build a website about hot springs called (surprisingly enough) Hot Springs Guide.

    I have written articles on specific hot springs adventures as well as on topics having to do with the nature of hot springs. I also included a searchable database (using the TablePress plugin) that I continue to add to and update.

    I’m trying to both entertain and inform, all the while keeping a uniform look and feel to the site. As this is my first attempt, I would really appreciate some input about what you folks think.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you thought of getting rid of all duplicate content on the Home page?

    Thanks for your comment Andrew, I removed the Tab Widget from the sidebar on the Home Page and replaced it with a drop-down Archives menu.

    Do you guys feel that the Hot Springs Search table on the top menu bar is intuitive?

    The background is a bit overwhelming. What is your goal with this website?

    Hi webene.

    Are you referring to the dark water background? I found the lighter b/g that came with the Point theme a little… um… “pasty?” And so wanted to darken it. Do you think a solid color would be better or maybe a more subtle pattern?

    As far as intent – well, of course there is some ego wrapped up in this effort to inform and entertain. I guess the hope is to gather a bunch of information in one place that is not specific one particular developed or commercialized hot springs. I would certainly like to eventually develop an area for discussion of hot springs related stuff.

    Design’s too square. Droplets are not. You should find a way to round things, and hot springs is associated with freshness, so the background should be brighter. A vivid ocean blue would be better. People don’t like to swim in dark grey water.

    Thank you for your input vortex. I’m going to play around with these ideas as soon as I can find some spare moments.

    And you are right… I have a lot of difficulty jumping into dark water! My imagination is way too active.

    I have changed the background to a blue and added a logo to the title header along with a favicon.

    Need to put more widgets under right sidebar. It looks odd while scrolling down due to empty area there

    Hi DYC. I decided to include a linkable list in the sidebar to all of the hot springs information pages. What do you think?

    Yes that will look great. You can also add rating widget in that area. no these days its a main attraction part.

    Hi HSG ,

    The aquamarine blue has brough your website a clean look, let your visitors feel Happy cool . Also i have got a look on your meta, i think it can be very beneficial if you include the second keyword you use on your description , on your title, also if you can reduce your keywords list to 7 or 8 keywords.


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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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