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    I have just got wordpress up and running on my site, and all appeared to be well.

    However, I edited the original greeting post, “Hello World!” and Replaced it with what I intended as my first blog entry, called “It has begun!”

    But on my blog page, the original entry still shows. I cleared the cache and reloaded the page, no change. When I log in and go to “manage,” the correct blog entry shows up, its just not updating on the page. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    My blog is at:


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  • where are you hosted? there’s been reports of Yahoo and some other big hosts using caching servers in front of their hosted websites, so you have to adjust the meta info so they don’t cache things while you are tweaking. saw posts on this in the past 24h.


    I’m hosted in New Zealand. (I think!) Meta Info? What does that mean?

    As an update, I have also noticed that when I click on the new post I have written in the admin section, I can read it, but the preview window itself still shows the original post, and not the new one. Weird…

    And as a further update – have now added categories that are also not showing up. It’s as though what I’m seing on the screen is not connected at all to the stuff that I’m editing. But there’s only one index.php so I don’t know where else to look for it.

    OK, this is getting crazy. I replaced the index.php with the original one I downloaded in the wordpress zip file, and now it displays up to date. But WHAT THE? I now cannot change the appearance of it.

    I have edited the style.css to what I want, but the page is trying to put all the imnages in, and I don’t want any images in at all, I want the appearance to be determined solely by the style.css file.

    What document do I need to edit and upload to change the content of what I see on my blog: the list of blog names on the side (I want to delete them), the instructions on what images to include etc. In other words, when I view the front page of my blog, , and view the source code – what document is providing all that code? I want to edit that document to cut out all the images and extra formatting I don’t want. Thanks fo any advice.

    OK… after a lot of searching and experimenting… I am slowly being able to edit the content of the page by editing each of the relevant files within the default folder…. phew!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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