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    Hi All,

    Please note our official support site has changed and is now:

    As a premium customer you can open tickets on this site. Free customers can also search our knowledge-base for known issues.

    If you’re a free customer you’re welcome to post in these forums. If you’d like to get a fast and friendly response from us, please help us by following these simple etiquette guidelines:

    1. Do not hijack someone else’s post. If you have a problem and hope to get help, please start your own thread. Don’t reply to someone else’s thread saying “I have the same problem, here’s my information, how can I fix this.”. Only reply if you’re adding information that may help the original poster and don’t need help yourself.
    2. NOTE: When we ask for your “web server error log” we do not mean your “access log”. Three out of four people post entries from their “access log” when we ask for their “error log”. This does not help us help you and delays the process because we then need to tell you that you posted the wrong thing and we actually need your “error log”. So please make sure you understand the difference and send us the correct data. Your access log only shows who has accessed your site and we don’t need that data. Your web server error log (usually your Apache error log if you’re using Apache web server) is where your web server writes errors and that’s what we need. If you’re unsure where to find it, log a support call with your hosting provider and ask them for it.
    3. If you can’t get scans to start or if they’re not completing, please get access to your web server error log (see above) and then try to start a scan. When it fails, check the error log and post the newest entries here making sure passwords, usernames and other sensitive info is removed. You’ll probably see an error that you’ve run out of memory, a process has been killed or a PHP error naming a Wordfence file and a line number. That’s what we need you to share with us to be able to help you.
    4. If you’re a technical user and know how to get around in a linux shell, can give us temporary SSH access to your server which includes the ability to tail your error log and also give us temporary admin access to your WordPress site, let us know in the post and we MAY provide free priority support for you. The reason we do this is because it gives us full diagnostic access with a high likelihood of solving your problem which may provide a solution for other users. Plus working with highly technical users consumes much less time. We’re happy to help the less technical folks on the forums but it may take slightly longer.

    We may not always respond if our premium ticketing system has gotten busy, but rest assured that we do read every post that appears here.

    Thanks for choosing Wordfence!!


    Mark Maunder
    Wordfence Founder & Feedjit Inc. CEO.

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