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    The Front-End submission form has ZERO-ZILCH-NADA documentation…and this is very frustrating.

    There are some real weirdnesses with this form in regards to recurring events. You guys must really think we are all mind readers, and that the people using our websites will totally get the lack of instructions regarding recurring events.

    1. The From/To dates…it is totally unclear that this can be a period of years…and not the two days an event might run. If the user enters the two days the event runs…it will not show up in multiple recurrences…

    2. If I enter a 2 for two days that an event lasts it will show up as a three day event (once again..we are discussing recurring…just want to enforce this so that you guys are clear. THEREFORE, for an event to show up as two calendar days…A ‘1’ (ONE) must be entered in the recurring area.

    3. While it is sort of self-evident (and this is a very weak self-evident), The Event Repeats area is difficult to understand, in regards to the quantity input after the “Every”. This needs to read day(s), week(s) or month(s) right at the beginning…as the plural form that comes up after entering a number does not help with understanding how to use this box.

    4. Finally, what’s with the yearly selector??? This is totally useless because you do not offer an “Every” option for years. DUH???

    I’m vested in this plugin because my site buildout is pretty much done…and it was recommended by Marcus at Woo Themes. I’ve had no need for the premium features because the premium features you offer are not relevant to what I am doing on my site.

    That said, you could have easily make money from me (and I have a feeling a lot of people)…if you offered premium features for $59 to $99 that included easily customizable front end submission forms, and a variety of easy to use template features more along the lines of gravity forms.

    There is nothing easy about using this plugin and it is not for amateurs (unless they are masochistic such as myself).

    Here’s hoping that you can see the humor in my tirade…you guys are good folks and there are a lot of great things about this plugin…it’s just so damned hard to navigate…and this is because the documentation is presented from a geeks POV instead of a normies POV….and there are a lot of missing bits and pieces of info.

    This seems to be a prevalent issue throughout the wordpress world…and I am firmly of the conviction that no developer should write her/his own documentation.

    I have managed to custom out my Submission form so that is cool…but I would appreciate it if you could address the weirdness as outlined in item 2 above.


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  • sorry about that, maybe @marcus can answer you best about this.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I’ve debated 2 and went for 0 (the default) = same day where as if an event lasts 1 day, it means it ends tomorrow, and so on. If there was overwhelming requests to change that, I certainly would.

    That is really faulty logic. If I have an event that is recurring, say, every 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month between 8am to 4pm—that is a 2 day event.

    I would enter 2 as the length of time the event lasts. Even if I applied your logic…which is way off base here…as people do not think of an event on two separate days as only being a one day event…

    Even if I went with your flow on this….the period between start and finish is greater than 24 hours-and would mean that the event is two days.

    I do not understand your logic on this…if an event is on two calendar days…then it is a two day event.

    IT’s about the span…if it only spans one calendar day it is a one day event…if it spans two calendar days it is a two day event…etc etc.

    BTW…found a plugin conflict…I was dismayed to find that my date picker was not working properly…and when I checked plugins…the Displet Pop-Up Plugin was an issue and the issue fixes by deleting the plugin.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I understand your point of view. Problem is, everyone already using recurrences has these values stored in their DB (and they’re used to this logic). Changing this logic would require rewriting all their records, a bold move, and also making sure people are aware of the new logic change.

    The logic from our point of view, is that if it ends tomorrow, it LASTS 1 day, although yes you can call it a 2 day event.

    We’ll be revamping recurrences completely in the future, we could tackle this at that point in time.

    r.e. the plugin conflict, chances are it’s the other plugin at fault, creating a JS error and preventing datepickers etc. from working.

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