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  • I surely do hope there is a php/css genius that can fix my problem… because i have a problem that’s driving me completly crazy. i just cant fix it.

    the problem is a little bit hard to explain but i’ll do my best.

    i was looking for my website ( for a new theme. i found a great one. im not running it live yet because i first want to tweak the theme do my needs before its going live. if you go to my website you wont see the new theme so you , sadly, wont see the problem i will discuss here.

    the new theme is the arras-theme. you can view it here (

    on the front page you see a main featured post. and below that you see some smaller featured posts.

    the problem is in the smaller featured post.

    the text in these smaller feautured posts doesnt format the way i want. no paragraphs where there should be paragraphs and if a certain word has for example a h3 tag it just doesnt show it in the text area of the small featured post.

    the posts display well on a single post page. the paragraphs are correct etc.

    The weird thing is. when is first installed the theme it worked well. the formatting and text layout was there.

    i did some tweaking. and it still worked well. then for a couple of hours i did nothing. i didnt change anything. SUDDENLY: the problem i described was there.

    i tried everything: undid al the tweaking –> didnt solve the problem

    reinstalled the theme –> didnt solve the problem

    looked on the themes site for a known bug and/or solution –> didnt find any, and no-one did respond to my post about this bug there.

    here are some images to make things a little more clear:

    when al was good: you see paragraphs in the text. this is the way i want it to be again.

    situation now (on main page)

    i hope someone can help. i would be very thankfull. and again: i reinstalled theme, undid the tweakings etc, checked my post for possible false html… nothing.

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried validating markup and CSS?

    Please contact the author, this seems to be a theme issue.
    Furthermore view this theme in widescreen flats >= 1680px width, then header and footer are centered well but content part is out of order and more close to left side.

    authors or contacted.. but so far no solution…
    css, xhtml is validated. no problem there.

    the weird thing is: it worked well, then suddenly after a few hours not anymore. ive undone every change ive made. doesnt solve the problem. reinstalled the theme -> same problem

    I’m also working on the solution for widescreens, when viewing the theme in a resolution of above 960 pixels wide, the lay-out gets messed up. The header and footer stay centered, but the middle part is aligned to the left. If anyone has a solution on this, post it here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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