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  • Hi,

    I have three wordpress blogs hosted on a site. one has been consistently upgraded with new wordpress software, the others were not until the new 2.1 just came out.

    1. The blogs that were not upgraded consistently do not show feeds in xxx . com/feed — only xxx . com/?feed=rss2,, etc. I’m not sure what’s wrong — I think it’s supposed to be xxx . com/feed right?

    2. One of these not-upgraded-til-now blogs did not have “pretty” permalinks, and now I can’t get it to change from it’s “ugly” state. WordPress says that permalinks structure has been updated when I tell it to, but nothing happens (and the radio button option goes back to “ugly” permalinks. I tried to manually change the .htaccess to what the other blogs have, but no luck.

    Please help!

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