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  • Hi

    I recently upgraded to 2.0 in a blog I was making for a friend of mine. I did the upgrade BEFORE uploading it. Everything worked perfectly on the local web server (local database, everything at ‘localhost’)

    However, when i set the blog address, wordpress address and database configuration to work on the remote web server (my hosting), everything got messed up.

    I did the steps with other blogs and worked perfectly (Configuration / change both address, edit the wp-config.php, backup the database and export it on the remote one, etc.)

    This is what happened: altough in the database the address was the remote one (“”), the links, images, everything was forwarded to the path “localhost”. The weird part is, SOME links’ paths pointed to the remote site, and others to localhost.

    Trying to fix it, I made a clean installation of 2.0 and put the modified theme. When I uploaded it, it happened again.

    Finally, I made a clean installation of, did the exact same things, and it works perfectly!!

    I’d like to get 2.0 working since my friend would really use the image uploading functions available in 2.0.

    this is the blog working on
    (wordpress address is set up to

    If anyone is having this problem or know what could be causing it, i’d really appreciate a reply =)

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