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  1. nigelt74
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I have just taken over looking after a wordpress install, in one section, the output words contain gibberish

    great “Contact Pro” pig dog

    Hopefully the above shows up, basically there are a's with umlauts above them and oe as a combined character and euro symbols.

    The text was put in in English apparently (before my time) and none of those chars are used in english.

    Any ideas what is causing it. most of the site is unaffected just a page that contains customer quotes is effected.

  2. nigelt74
    Posted 6 years ago #

    oops it should be version 2.6.1 not 2.7.1, how do I change that?

  3. John Hoff
    Posted 6 years ago #

    1. The weird symbols:

    Try logging into your hosting account and open up the wp-config.php file. Change the encoding from utf8 to latin1

    If the encoding in the config file is already set to latin1, then change
    it to utf8

    This will probably fix it...but not always.

    2. You really need to upgrade from 2.6.1 to the latest version of WP. Right now your site is not secured from viruses.

    The first thing you must do is backup everything. Backup all your hosting files and backup your database.

    Don't forget to do this. If you don't, you've been warned! If you don't know how, let us know and we can guide you to places you can learn.

    To upgrade, here are the links you'll want to use:

    Auto Upgrade:
    - WordPress.org official notes
    [spam link removed]

    Upgrade Manually
    - WordPress.org official notes
    [spam link removed]

  4. nigelt74
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Cheers the first bit helped,
    the owner of the blog isn't interested in updating, although i am dropping subtle hints all the time


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