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  • I’m an old-school “two spaces between sentences” sort of guy. This has never been a problem for me, but on my WordPress blog, when a line break occurs between sentences, the second line is indented slightly, by one space width. (You can see it in action on my Reed Corner Design blog.)

    In normal HTML, that extra whitespace would be ignored, and looking at the code there’s no ” ” being added. Is WordPress inserting some special Unicode character or something to force the second space to show, and is there any way to control this so it’s not adding the funky indent?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Nobody has any ideas?


    I’m having some trouble reproducing the error (I don’t see any nbsp symbols either). Could you tell me what internet browser you are using, or do you have a specific example?

    Here’s a screenshot of the problem in action. I’ve seen it in both Safari 5.0.5 and Firefox 4.0.1, both on the Mac. It’s tricky to spot, since it only happens where the line breaks between sentences. Notice the slight indent before the words At and There.




    Hi, I just did some troubleshooting of this. The solution, I’m afraid, is to stop using two spaces. I won’t argue if it’s correct or not grammatically, but html has no proper way of supporting it, so better to just stop!

    What happens is that when you put two spaces in a row in the visual editor, wordpress converts it to “space + unicode_nbsp”. If wordpress converted the FIRST space to the nbsp, it would work better. You’ll still see the same problem on right- or full-justified text, but since the majority of text online is left-justified, it would be better. I filed a bug report at

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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