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  • So my website gets an error this afternoon and when I contacted my hosting company they tell me that one of my WordPress sites is doing a lot of processes through the index.php. We copy it over and take a look, and as you may well know there’s only an opening php tag in there.

    Then they take a look at my htaccess and say it looks fine. But that site isn’t the only one getting the error, three sites and two subdomains, on three separate databases all went wonky at the same time.

    Not strange enough for you? Why would two WordPress sites that aren’t connected be having surges at the same time, each via the index.php in their root?

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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  • Just to follow up on this, what was occurring is I had set up a test site and had forgotten to close the comments, so I got slammed with an insane amount of spam.

    Apparently my host wasn’t happy with the amount of traffic and a program just shut everything from my account down? Not sure, but if anyone ever gets this warning, hopefully this helps.

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