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    Currently this cluster I’m working on has 3 sites on it, they are separate entities, however and not part of a multisite. Site 1 at acts as a landing page for sites 2 at and site 3 at

    I attempted to use a cache plugin on one of the second level sites (Hyper Cache). I deactivated and deleted that plugin as well as went into my FTP client to ensure everything was cleared out. The problem I have now is on my second level site, the homepage appears fine, wp-admin works and has full functionality, I can view and edit all my pages in wp-admin, but when I navigate to any of the other pages on the site it displays the correct address but is really trying to pull the pages from the top level (splash) site where they do not exist and I’m getting 404 errors.

    So essentially is a page on site 2, but instead it’s trying to find/site2/page on the actual site. The 404 error shows on the site.

    I tried taking a fresh copy of the .htaccess file I had from an older backup as well as a fresh wp-config file onto the /site2 site. The other website ( works normally, so I’m going to rule that it was an issue caused by the cache plugin, but I don’t know where the mistake would be so it can be corrected. < Messed Up Site < Working second level site

    Any assistance is appreciated.

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  • I should add I cleared all setting in Hyper Cache before removing, cleared the cache as well as cleared all browser history. Double checked that everything is gone via FTP and the issue still remains.

    Ok, after getting angry with it, I decided I was going to simply move the site over to a subdomain instead and start with a fresh copy of 3.7.1. I did that. But noticed that on the new sites the links were still showing as I went ahead and re-saved the permalink settings and it appears to have fixed my issue. Whether that was it, or something else just came out in the wash, we’re back in business regardless.

    I did however, install Lite Cache as it is supposed to be a little less intrusive and can fix issues that were left behind by Hyper Cache. I’m happy regardless!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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