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    I can access my folders on my server, but not my actual site. A hosting problem that is now more than 40 hours old.

    While I can access my folders, I’m not sure where post files are stored. Want to update several, including the one I was working on live when the site went down on Memorial Day. (“Disk full error.”)

    (As an aside: I will be switching hosts because of this, tech support has been non-existent to awful — 30 hours for a first response which came only after I looked up owner’s phone number in WhoIs and left a voicemail message. The response, via email about 10 hours after my phone call, was “We’ve got it working now.” They didn’t.) In the meantime, I’d like to keep working on my site and fix the final post I was writing so when the site does come up, it doesn’t have a piece of junk on top.

    Can I somehow? Where would I go to locate the actual stored post files? Can I access them in a text editor?


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  • The posts are saved in the MySQL database. Probably if your host is down the MySQL server is down as well, so you won’t be able to access it. But you could try, perhaps through your control panel, if it’s using something like phpMyAdmin.

    That sounds like some really bad hosting there, you wanna get away from them as quick as possible!

    filosofo is right, your posts aren’t saved in files, but in a database that runs on your server. This means that you can’t edit them with a text editor, no.

    It also means you’ll have to backup your database before you switch hosts.

    Thanks, Filosofo and Maerk.

    I found and copied the “Moving WordPress to a New Server” codex instructions last night and THINK I have a good database backup. But will wait until my site is up and running again and do another backup just to be sure.

    And I LIKE the instructions’ repeated suggestion to make all changes on a COPY of the backup files.

    And I’m on my way to dreamhost. Friends, whose sites get heavy, heavy beatings at times, have had very good luck with them for six to eight years. Wish I’d gone with them when FeaturePrice self-destructed. Considered it, but the Dreamhost sales page looked too much like FeaturePrice’s to me and I had such a bad taste in my mouth then from FeaturePrice’s long, slow agonizing deterioration and death — and after I’d been happily recommending them to others for a year or longer because of my previous great experience with them.


    By the way, that worked. Using MyPhp, I was able to edit the posts. Thanks for explaining how to do it. Now…. if the damn site would just start appearing on the web again.

    I’m beginning to suspect that something about my index page or htaccess got corrupted when the host crashed. Not sure what to look for but have begun looking.

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