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  • Hi there, Looking for some help or direction. I have contacted the developers of the plugin but to date no response…………..

    I was installing an anti-hacking plugin called WP Lock UP and on undertaking the second stage of setting it up, where it changes the data base prefix from wp to a random one, it froze up and I couldn’t continue.

    On refreshing the page I was greeted with a page for installing WordPress on a domain – Yikes! There is now a suffix on the domain url – install.php which is “stuck there”. I dare not do anything for fear of wiping out the formatting and content of the site. As Shultz of Hogan’s Heroes used to say “I know nothing!”

    I am very much an “end user” know a bit about Cpanel and FTP but superficial. Put it this way I know enough to “leave well enough alone!”

    Appreciate any help, or to point me in the right direction for help.

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  • I know you said you’ve contacted the developer… did you try to reach him over at the Warrior Forum?

    If so, I would definitely contact your webhost provider before touching anything else. I know HostGator has gotten me out of more than a few jams. But I’d still download all your web files out of your cpanel before doing that too… just because they’re human too and they CAN make mistakes.

    Hey debj I really appreciate your feed-back, thanks.

    Now being an “end user” I am not too sure what web files you refer to, sorry.



    I have a Developer license and I’ve come unstuck – the guy’s domains are all up for sale! He’s left no way of ‘leaving the door open on the way out’ either, so I guess we’re all screwed 🙁

    Yes, it was a great plugin, but I’m afraid now it’s gone. It does seem to still be working on those sites I did activate it on, but new ones are gone. I still had 90 odd activations left, but if the guy is unreachable, that it. Let’s just hope he reads this and has a conscience – it’s O.K., I’ve exhaled already.

    Yes, I can confirm, changing the Table Prefixes does destroy your install with WP Lockup. I tried it on a site that I didn’t mind killing and there was no way back. This forum seems to have no answers either I’m afraid. Best is to re-install WordPress and always have a backup available (I did, but couldn’t be bothered 🙂

    N.B. The sites that I have it working on only take advantage of the CAPTCHA aspect of it and that seems to be perfectly fine, even with the latest version of WordPress (3.8.1). Just don’t use “Lockup Database” or it will. I guess I won’t have any more buyers for this plugin now 🙁

    Unrelated, but it’s the end of an era; Expert WordPress closes 1 May 🙁

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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