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  • Hi folks,

    Today I’m having a weird problem:

    1. I upload an image (successflully).

    2. I try to insert it into a post by clicking “add media” and selecting the image I just uploaded.

    3. On the same window, I go to ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS and guess what? The “size” field is not there anymore.

    I say: Ok, let’s try anyway, so I click “Insert into page”. I cannot see the image in the post (“visual” window). I switch to the “text” window and, to my surprise, the image attributes are: width=”1″ height=”1″. So I change them and now I can see the image.

    Next, I try to select the featured image (same uploaded image) and it doesn’t show. I publish the post anyway. The post image is there online, the featured image is not.

    All this happens only with newly uploaded images.

    I’m using a child theme with the latest Customizr.
    On the same server, I have a similar website but with Customizr 3.0.13 and no problem at all.

    In both cases, WordPress is version 3.8.

    “Media” settings are:
    Thumbnail size Width:150 Height:150
    Medium size Max Width:500 Max Height:700
    Large size Max Width:1024 Max Height:1024

    Any idea?

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  • Oh, one more thing: I tried resetting files and folders permissions on my server and didn’t help.

    Hi andypp – quite a common problem actually if you look here.

    Anyhow, the workaround is (probably) to put a checkmark beside the Retina images option in the CustomizIt>Images menu. At least, that should fix it for new uploads. You may have to use one of the thumbnail regeneration plugins to mend old broken thumbnails – or re-upload them.

    Thanks for your reply, chappie.
    I actually don’t have the retina option in the CustomizIt>Images (just the lightbox effect and the Autoscale images on zoom, both checked). I tested the Twenty Twelve theme and it all works fine. Again, with Customizr, it’s like this:

    Add media > Upload Files > Select Files

    The image uploads but it doesn’t create all the different sizes.
    When I try to insert it anyway into the post, the attributes are: width=”1″ height=”1″.
    On top of that, I can’t select the image I just uploaded as featured image.

    Maybe upgrade Customizr to the current 3.1.6?

    3.1.6 is the one I have problems with, unfortuantely. 3.0.13 works fine

    When you said you didn’t have the retina option in the CustomizIt>Images, you were obviously referring to v3.0.13 which doesn’t have this function. If you re-load v3.1.6 and activate the retina option, your new image uploads should be OK.

    Thanks for sticking with this, chappie. No, I mean that I don’t have the option with version 3.1.6. Should I try reinstalling?

    I would reinstall 3.1.6 as that retina option is supposed to be there. But check first that it doesn’t magically appear when you deactivate your plugins…

    I think I found what’s creating the problem: my child theme. I activated the original v3.1.6 and the retina option is back. Images are good too. The odd thing is that I’m using the same child theme with v3.0.13 and it’s all fine. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fix it.

    Thanks chappie. We’ll gt to the bottom of this at some point! 🙂

    So to summarise, with 3.1.6 and the retina option everything works fine. But with your child theme, it doesn’t?

    What’s in your child theme? Could you post the style.css and functions.php here (remembering, of course to put them in backticks)? And do you have anything else in your child theme apart from style.css and functions.php?

    Sorry it took me a little while to respond!
    For now, I decided to go back to version 3.0.13 and everything is working. My child theme has 9 featured pages on the front page and I bet that this is what made things unstable with version 3.1.6.
    This is where I found directions:

    Eventually I’ll reinstall the latest version and just buy the “featured pages unlimited” extension!

    Hello all,
    I am having the same issues all of a sudden as andypp above had. What changed? I deleted some extra images and now any new image I upload into the library does not show up. The text is there but no size options and looks like a broken link when insert into a page.

    I am using the Customizer child theme v. 1.0.0, I think.
    Any suggestions would be helpful as I am confused at how to fix this. My site is if anyone can take a look.

    Thank you in advance!

    In addition to my first post above, yes, I have disabled all plugins but I’m still having the problem seeing newly uploaded images in my media library.
    What is so frustrating is that it was looking perfect until I wanted to swap out my home page bubble images.

    UPDATE – now it is working so I am wondering if it is another GoDaddy issue…


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