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    Hi, after updating to version 2, I get weird gallery links.
    “[album id=1 template=extend]” generates gallery links in this manner:
    But my galleries use standard WP page structure.

    It should be noted I use WPML plugin.

    Does anyone have a clue?
    Cheers, Meereck

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @meereck – Have a look at your galleries themselves.

    Go to Gallery > Manage Galleries … click on the gallery you want to edit

    Check if the “Page Link to” has a page noted, try setting it to “not linked” should sort out that URL issue.

    I do not know if WPML is related to this issue or not.

    – Cais.

    Hi, thanks for a response.
    It did not help.

    The issue has been reported to WPML team, they say this is not caused by WPML.

    Any ideas?
    Regards, Meereck

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @meereck: Erick here. A few thoughts:

    1) Can you please post a link to your site so we can see the behavior?

    2) Just to clarify, when you click on a gallery in an album, the gallery should load on a separate page, and the URL is controlled by NextGEN (not WP, and definitely not WPML unless there’s some odd conflict). The permalink structure you are showing above is one that we generally only see if someone is trying to customize where their galleries load. That leads to two questions:

    *Are you doing anything to customize how galleries load within albums?

    *As Cais suggested above, can you please be completely sure that if you go Manage Gallery and click a gallery, look for the Page Link To field, and confirm that it says “NOT LINKED”? The only time NG might use a URL like you are showing there is if you are trying to link it to a page using Page Link To.

    *Finally, just to confirm, you are clicking galleries thumbnails, not albums within an album, correct? If you are using albums within albums, then go to Manage Album, select the Album, click Edit Album, and again confirm you are not using Page Link To.

    Thanks! (Erick)


    2) You are right, I use page links, but on purpose.
    When I unlink a gallery, the url seems ok, but linked pages still navigate to, say,
    The first two galleries reproduce both cases.
    WPML english translation of gallery name and desc still does not work for either link, even though I have translated them.

    3)>>Are you doing anything to customize how galleries load within albums?
    No, I have also tries to manually rewrite all Nextgen files in /wp-content

    4)>>Finally, just to confirm, you are clicking galleries thumbnails, not albums within an album, correct?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @meereck – Clicking on the galleries in your album, they do work. I am seeing the galleries load just fine. NextGEN does create custom permalink structures within the gallery management system, what I can do is submit a request to the developers on your behalf to see if we can adjust the permalink structure to be more SEO friendly, for now that permalink display is intentional based on how NextGEN handles the ‘page link to’. To confirm again, the galleries in your album are working for me.


    Hi, they work but when a gallery is linked to a page, the URL is wrong:

    In previous version of NextGen (1.9, AFAIR), this feature worked.
    When a gallery was linked to a page, “[album id=1]” tag generated hyperlinks with page URLs, not weird links like “?post_type=page&p=505”.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @meereck – v2.0 is built on an entirely different framework than previous legacy versions of the plugin. So, not all aspects of the plugin will be exactly the same. We’ll look into improving the URLs generated for linked galleries in an album.


    Becky, thanks for letting me know.
    I hope I am not the only one to miss this feature.

    Regards, Meereck

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @meereck, I am going to mark this thread as resolved, because we will look into it. If you wouldn’t mind submitting a bug report on this we’ll add it to our agenda to look into:

    Thanks! (Becky)

    Becky, there is yet another thing:
    String translation of WPML plugin used to make gallery names and descriptions translated.

    With your new version, [album] tag does not translate them when language differs from the default one.

    I believe this is not WPML’s fault, since it works with previous NG versions.

    Has anybody taken a look into this after 4 months?
    I am surprised noone complains that NextGen v2 just does NOT work with WPML…

    Regards, Meereck

    Did you submit a bug report as requested?

    I certainly did.

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