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  • This seems like a great concept. The plug-in covers the things that a lot of people would like to have, and what’s there is pretty good. But I’ve had some issues with the interface–and then with the people who are designing the software. Specifically, I lost a lot of work by inadvertently hitting (something?)–then learned there was nothing in place to save drafts or backup. Apparently, the Wysija folks took issue with my tone (frustrated, not nasty) and got very defensive. I didn’t think much about it.

    More recently, when I returned to a WordPress install I had been working on for quite a while but had moved to the back burner, there was a message to update Wysija, which I did. At the end of the process, there was another message from Wysija, apparently very personally addressed to me and/or the organization for which I was building the website (a non-profit kitten rescue operation), saying that they had to get “stars to keep from killing more kittens.” Personally, I place this in the realm of the completely bizarre and warped and–obviously–not professional or competent or even entirely sane.

    There are other programs. If the Wysija people think “killing kittens” is cute or funny or clever, then I think a lot of people will want to explore those other programs.

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  • Hello there,

    We’re sorry to hear our support service has been a frustrating experience for you, that’s too bad because we really put a lot of effort and energy into assisting users whether they are our premium customers or our beloved free users.

    About the kittens story, please don’t take it the wrong way this text appears on every administrators update page, and was not specially directed to you. This is an unfortunate coincidence that the site you were working on was about rescuing kittens. Nevertheless this was intended to be a joke. We love kittens and we’ll never harm them. Sorry about that.

    This was supposed to be funny and not to be taken as a threat of any kind. Now reading your comment made me realise that not everybody likes our humour, or might take it personally and that’s fair enough.
    So thanks for letting us know, we will put an option to hide this sort of comments from now on.

    All the best with your next newsletter plugin!

    n.b.: the kitten joke was a reference to a popular image on the web in 2002…_God_kills_a_kitten




    I think the idea of rating it to rate the plugin, not the marketing or sense of humour… great marketing anyway, it reminded me to come back and give a review on this very useful and high quality plugin!

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