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  • Hello,

    I am not sure who to contact on this…

    There is a weird phenomenon… Whenever I go to my home page with a PC using Firefox while logged in to WordPress I am prompted with a password… You know, the normal password prompt with a user/pass combo.

    If I use a Mac with Firefox while logged in or IE it’s business as usual. No password prompt.

    Any ideas? Let me know if you want a username…

    Please advise if you know of anything…


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  • try deleting your cookie for your site in the browser giving you the problem.

    Strangely, no luck.

    I’ve even checked with my hosting company and they saw no reason on the server side why this would be happening.

    Thanks for trying, Manstraw.

    Check and see if Firefox on your PC accepts cookies under Preferences:Privacy:Cookies.

    Do you have NIS (Norton Internet Security). Anyway, it’s a firewall, and as one, it can strip out referers and other bits from your communication. If you have, try temporarily turning it off to see if it then works.

    Also, you can have more than one cookie. and for example. You could also try deleting all cookies to be sure you go them all.

    I’m a little stumped here.

    I bet it’s the firewall… I work in an environment where the security is huge. IE. DC. If you get my drift… I bet that’s the reson…


    I mentioned NIS, only because it’s defaults mess with quite a few things. It could also be another firewall, outside of your computer. If it’s in a tight environment, then I assume it’s beyond your power to make changes to the firewall.

    Perhaps you could try someone else’s computer in the same environment. If you have the problem elsewhere, that speaks to the firewall issue.

    I dont get the prompt at home…



    Doesn’t solve your problem though does it! I mean, for at work.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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