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  • Something strange is going on. The site is

    I’m getting a bunch of numbers showing up after the post name in my urls. Google is indexing them, but Bing isn’t. I’m not sure why they’re populating like this, but I need to know how to make it stop, because I definitely don’t want them indexed. I’ve spent a long time searching around for answers, but haven’t seen anyone with this problem before. Some examples would be:


    Has anyone here seen this before? I have no idea how this got started, but I need to make it stop.

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  • I’m sure someone will have a better answer for you but until then could you share your site address and more info?
    What theme are you using?
    What Plugins are installed?

    Thanks so much for the help. The address is

    Plugins are:

    Wufoo short code
    Simple Trackback Validation
    Twitter Widget Pro


    Yeah, that’s the part I don’t understand.

    I’m getting these ones with all the extra numbers that still serve a page, and Google is picking them up. It’s the random string of numbers that’s confusing me. I can’t seem to figure out where they’re coming from or why they’re being picked up.

    The ones with a second string of numbers are returning a 404, which I guess they should, but the list of these urls keeps growing.

    The canonical on these is set to the right page at least, but I don’t know where they’re coming from.

    Looks same as the problem in this link (unresolved)

    Edit: Since when are you facing this problem?
    As far as I could understand, these links may not appear in your sitemap (try creating one and check). That means these are actually not there, but the weird links were created (by any plugin or external script?) and they are being redirected to the original URL.

    Oh hey, thanks.

    Looks like I’ll be subscribing to that string too–I must have missed it because it’s so new. Hopefully one of these will get it resolved.

    That is not the only case. I have seen a bunch of them recently. And I very much doubt if it has something to do with Google’s new indexing systems? Or they picking up links from external sources (like social networking sites?). I am on the look out. I will post here if I get any clue.

    Here is a link from Google that explains the issue.!msg/webmasters/zvez-eib0Ao/lf08lf_K8AkJ

    I quote the official Google reply:

    Thanks for the examples, everyone! It does look like we’re picking up something funny via JavaScript there. We’re looking into what can be done in this particular case. In the meantime, keep in mind that 404 errors of URLs that are invalid (like these appear to be) are not something that would affect your site’s indexing or ranking, so while I understand that they may be confusing (and I’m sorry for the number of URLs here), it’s not something that you’d need to take action on.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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