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  • Ok guys. Here I go. I am a true blue beta tester. Try to crack these things.

    I enabled multisite in 3.0 rc2 with sub-domains.

    I have my main network admin super site.

    I then logged out and created a new account with just a user on my main account. User registration setting only.

    I then enabled user and site registrations with plugins. (BTW registrations are much better now.)

    I registered a new sub-domain site with a new subscriber/site only user name.

    I played around in the sub-domain site a while.

    I then logged out.

    I logged into my site with my network super admin username and password.

    The sub-domain site then took control of the plugins administration. Leaving the Network super admin as a plugin user and the sub-domain site as the administrator of the plugins.

    I then deleted the the sub-domain site and logged back into the main administration super site and there are no network administration of the plugins. network administration has disappeared.

    Any thoughts? Anyone else want to set it up and try it on a spare domain/setting?

    Also, I cleared my cookies and no change. I went from my desktop to my laptop, no change.

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