Weird Issue With Images Post 3.5 Upgrade (3 posts)

  1. cwhebert
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have two identical websites, one used as a dev site the other the live site. They are hosted on the same box with identical settings, yet after upgrading to WordPress 3.5 the live site no longer allows for selecting small, medium or large images to insert into the post? The dev site has no issues, you are provided the options for small medium, large & fullsize. I have reinstalled wordpress now twice on the live site without success? Please tell me I am missing a setting or something??

  2. In WordPress 3.5 the media is a bit different and I too at first didn't see where these settings were.

    Once in a post, click add media
    Click media library and select an image.
    On the right you will now see the image title, caption, etc, and at the very bottom there is a dropdown with the different sizes you can choose.

  3. forthinc
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I see the dropdown, but it only offers thumbnail, medium, and full size. The image is 780x780 and my large setting is 600x600 so I expect to see large in the list, but it's not there!

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