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  • Hi, I’ve got a problem that I’ve never seen before and wonder if anyone has any ideas.

    I created a simple imagemap using HTML and inserted the code into the page:

    <img border=”0″ src=”” usemap=”#Info” width=”800″ height=”300″></p>

    <map name=”Info”>
    <area target=”_blank” href=”” shape=”rect” coords=”97, 15, 169, 152″>
    <area target=”_blank” href=”” shape=”rect” coords=”274, 53, 453, 137″>
    <area target=”_blank” href=”” shape=”rect” coords=”549, 62, 720, 113″>

    What I found was that when the visual editor was enabled when writing in my User configuration and I previewed the page or even switched to the visual tab and returned back to the HTML tab, the code was changed to this:

    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”800″ height=”300″ usemap=”#Info” border=”0″ />
    <map name=”Info”> <area shape=”rect” coords=”97, 15, 169, 152″ href=”” target=”_blank” /></map>
    <map name=”Info”> <area shape=”rect” coords=”274, 53, 453, 137″ href=”” target=”_blank” /></map>
    <map name=”Info”> <area shape=”rect” coords=”549, 62, 720, 113″ href=”” target=”_blank” /></map>

    This amendment caused the imagemap not to work.

    I changed the User set up temporarily by disabling the visual editor when writing to solve this problem but it isn’t practical for me to this on a long term basis.

    Does anyone know why the editor would completely change the HTML code and how I can fix this problem apart from amending my User set up?

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