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    Okay, so Mac IE 5.0 is a useless dinosaur, on its way out, who cares about its sorry hide, etc. But since I’m having more fun playing with WordPress than doing any actual writing, this has become a an all-consuming mystery.

    Here is Dixiebelle in Safari, The Way God Meant It To Be. Note the tulip in the right-hand side, as seen through the translucent sidebar. Lovely.

    Here is my site in Mac Internet Explorer 5.0. No tulip.

    Here is GeeksMakeMeHot’s site in Mac IE 5.0. No tulip, there, either. I went through her links to people using Dixiebelle and none of them has a working translucent sidebar in Mac I.E. 5.0–they look like this… and this… no translucent sidebar…

    …EXCEPT for Liz Cu’s site. Liz’s site is special. The internet gods have looked down upon Liz Cu, yea, verily, and decided only she is worthy of a translucent sidebar in Mac I.E. 5.0.

    Liz Cu’s internet guy tells me he just downloaded Dixiebelle and didn’t need to change a thing because it worked perfectly right out of the box.

    GeeksMakeMeHot spent some time on it this weekend (thanks, Jennifer!) and says she is stumped and perhaps I should bring the problem to the support forums, which I just did.

    Now I’m going to ask the Lord to grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, etc. Like my permalinks problem.

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    Just a link to something I found. I don’t know if this is the problem or not. I don’t have a mac, nor am I experienced with them.

    Post the address of your wordpress install so we don’t have to launch IE5!

    duplicate post, sorry

    I found it by squinting at your screenshot. It was the “more” part I couldn’t quite make out.

    Remove the apostrophes/quotes from your background image urls. They are unnecessary, and IE5 chokes on them.

    Make it so they look like this:

    background-image: url(images/icon.gif);

    instead of this:

    background-image: url(‘images/icon.gif’);

    I think that should do it. Good luck!

    Wow, Kato, you are amazing! It works!

    I went through Liz Cu’s and my stylesheets line-by-line, looking for differences, and I didn’t catch that.

    And sorry about not posting a link to my site… I thought just keeping it in my profile so you could click on my user name would be enough.

    Thanks very much!

    I looked at Liz Cu’s stylesheet again–she has the quotation marks in them, just like mine did. So maybe it was a combination of things, including the quotation marks?

    Whatever! I’m just glad my Dixiebelle is now appearing as it should in a dinosaur browser. Heh.

    Kato! Thanks a ton for the fix. I’ll exclude them from the next release of Dixie Belle so no one else will have this problem.

    I am using dixiebelle but am unable to make any changes to the style sheets using the WordPress Theme editor. All I did was download it and then upload it to the site. Should I do something else?

    Fixed it…cleare cache and cookies and resatrt worked

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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