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  • Hi folks – quite new to wordpress but thought it was all clicking into place until I encountered this today.

    I’m using an installed theme (Danko) to try and set up a charity site. Previously all was working ok, but having gone on today none of the images are displaying (either on the front page, nor in the blog posts). If I click the broken thumbnail, then the image opens fine in the lightbox, and if I link to the image directly it also works without issue.

    Here’s how the main page is meant to work (and how mine used to!):

    And here is my page:

    If you click through you should be able to see the images that used to be displayed.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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  • Because that is a commercial theme, there is no way for me to really dig into this one without purchasing it, but I’ll tell you what I can see from the outside.

    The problem appears to be in the image element. The src attribute is totally messed up!

    <a href=""
    class="pirobox first last" title="Empowering" rel="1 of 1" rev="0">
    <img class="slider_img_holder" id=""
    style="opacity: 1; ">

    Something has obviously gone nasty with your theme (as you can see it is a PHP script being called from a ‘danko’ subdirectory). I’m not sure but it appears to be trying to pass the URL of the image to some sort of thumbnail processing script and things are going bad from there.

    However, it turns out that the weirdness of you being able to click on the broken image and go directly to the image isn’t all that weird. The image is actually wrapped in another element, a, which contains a valid hyperlink to the image.

    So, seeing as this is a commercial theme, you should probably contact them and explain what is going on, perhaps mentioning the above? Good luck!

    Thanks very much – I’ll try and get in touch with them, but it’s actually a free ‘charity’ theme ( they provide so not sure I’ll have much luck support wise.

    I’ll have a dig around in the php and see if I can sort it – guess this is the price I pay of not going with a free theme that you kind folks can help me diagnose!

    Ah, the purchase button at the top deceived me 🙂

    Apart from that, I think I’ve found the problem! I tried accessing the image’s SRC url directly, and BAM! TimThumb spits out an error:

    Could not get a lock for writing.

    So, I would assume that the problem is that you just need to set the proper permissions ( perhaps 0755 ? ) for TimThumb’s cache directory, which should be located at

    Good spot, and I had every confidence as I went and adjusted the permissions but sadly TimThumb still spits out that error :/

    I tried 755 and 777 but neither seemed to have any impact – curses!

    Hmmmm – this is strange. Okay. Here are some bits of advice I’ve scraped from across the internet.

    • Try updating TimThumb by replacing the one that is in your theme
    • Make sure TimThumb itself has permission set to allow execution
    • *Try setting wp-content/uploads to proper permissions

    *I don’t think this one applies so much, it seems that it’s something to do with the cache directory. But then again, none of these are really aimed at that. We already tried setting the cache directory’s permissions, and that didn’t work which is really, really weird

    Hopefully one of those will do it. If not, then, well, I’m not sure what to try next D:

    ThemesKingdom got back to me and said they’d try and take a look and get back to me – so credit to them for supporting their free theme.

    Will let you know if they manage to resolve – for your piece of mind and hopefully it’ll help some others if they encounter this!

    Had a response from ThemesKingdom – it turned out I had inadvertently uploaded an additional .htacccess file in the root of my structure which was causing a conflict and therefore preventing the pictures from displaying.

    Thanks to ThemesKingdom for resolving for me – nice to see them supporting the theme despite it being made freely available.


    Nice! Glad to see that it’s working now.

    Wow.. Glad yours is working. Mine is not. I did everything like the instructions says..
    It’s sample info posts and pages with nonsense written in it.of course that will all change, however, I just want to see how it will look with the featured slide images and they don’t even show up.

    Also the posts pics dont show either. Please assist.

    I tried to hit their contact us button but it shows that it is only available to paid members.

    Try emailing them on this address – they responded really quickly to me: [ redacted, do not post other people’s email address ]

    @volcs I’m having the same issue you had with the Danko theme and have spent the last 5 hours trying to troubleshoot it and have gotten nowhere. I’m using the free theme with my charity as well and do not have a paid membership with Are you able to post your solution or a way to contact them? The email address you posted was redacted so we can’t see it.

    Thanks in advance for your help—really appreciate it. This one is really driving me nuts.

    @arob6122 did you find a fix?

    Check that you don’t have .htaccess files in bot public_html and public_html/charity You can only have one .htaccess file.

    That resolved it for me.

    Obviously /charity is an example!

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