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  • Hi gang, over at my blog whenever I click on the title of a blog entry, or search for something I am instead taken to a sort of error page which is just my front page with the footer having been lopped off the bottom and jammed up against the top of the view space. My question is, first, what is happening here? is this a common wordpress response to not finding a page? and second, why am i getting errors when i click on the titles to my stories and this a common issue? Thanks!

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  • Try to validate your site: among the more than 60 errors on the single post view there is a closing /div somewhere that messes up the layout.

    I’ve gone through the XHTML and fixed 40 or so of the errors. All of them were related to the ad text or to the polling function on the front page (why on earth do people like amazon make ads that won’t validate? I don’t get it). The 20 remaining I have no idea how to fix but since they’re all ad or poll related I think we can rule them out.

    When I tried to verify the CSS i did get a message saying there was a messed up div somewhere. It said line 183 column 3. What on earth does this mean? How can i use those coordinates to find this messed up div?

    And the think with the links has to be some sort of wordpress setting thats off, i jsut don’t know which one. I’ve got my permalinks set to the date and name setting but when I click on the title, which is set for that it gives me the error page.

    So… find that div……? Thanks!

    If you are using to validate – check the “Show Source” and click Revalidate. Every error line number will bcome a link to the exact place of the error.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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