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    WM801TB618-lightgrey 99001 Error A value is required for the “manufacturer” field.

    We are using the luggage template from amazon which we used successfully last week.

    There is no Manufacturer field?

    Any ideas, has something changed

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  • Hey @albertramsbottom

    You could try downloading the luggage feed template directly from Amazon and use that instead of the current feed template.

    To do that, you would use the “Add a product” option on your Amazon account in the top menu then click on the “Download an inventory file” link to create your own custom feed templates which you can download and upload to WP-Lister (in the right hand sidebar of the “Categories” setting page of WP-Lister) to use. We have supported uploading custom Amazon feed templates to WP-Lister since version: 0.9.14.Then you would select that feed template in the “Feed template” drop down selector in the listing profile.

    If that feed template still does not include a “Manufacturer” field, you unfortunately would have to reach out to Amazon seller support about this and ask them why there is no “Manufacturer” field in the feed template, but they are requiring a value for that field.

    Kind regards,

    I have downloaded the template and added it with no luck. I have noticed that the browse node is the same as another category in Amazon.

    We are brand registered and have GTIN exemption in the Luggage category but no in the other home category that I mentioned about

    I now think it might be that Amazon have joined the two and we do not have permission to list without GTINs in the Home category

    I will let you know, many thanks

    OK I seem to have fixed it. The template had chnaged


    When I expanded the bullet points to

    100% Organic Cotton Canvas - 340gsm (10oz/yd²), Eco-Friendly, Premium heavyweight fabric, Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm, Capacity: 10 litres
    SAVE NATURE: Go green with our Natural and Reusable Tote Bag. Avoid the pollution that plastic bags cause and Say no to paper or plastic bags and be easy on our environment and say yes to our Non-Toxic bags. Try them out today!
    MACHINE WASHABLE: Your tote fell in the mud!? No problem. Our totes wash very well and the 20% polyester blend makes the totes wrinkle resistant so if it gets dirty or something spills on it all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine to get it clean again.
    HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE: Made from 100% Organic Cotton We use a premium and thick 10 ounce fabric with precise heavyweight stitching throughout, including cross-stitching at the handles for maximum strength allowing the bag to hold up to 35 Pounds of weight.
    Organic Earth Aware Tote Shopper Bag Save The Planet Eco-Friendly Reusable, Green, Cool Premium 

    It fails to save with

    Request-URI Too Long The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

    This cannot be altered on Apache without recompiling the software. I believe that this happens for requests that are longer than 8000 characters and using the get method rather than post

    The suggested methods are

    Use POST with a form (or an hidden form and add onclick event at your link that submit it)
    Use Session. When the server generates the link, store it in $_SESSION with an unique id (or RID, it can be md5 of complete URI) and pass it via GET.
    Use Database or file storage (with the same procedure of session)

    PS I would assume that this is due to large template files with lots of fields

    Hey @albertramsbottom

    I don’t get why or where you are getting that. We do use the POST method in our forms but we’d like to see it for ourselves and examine it directly on your site. Could you please create a ticket and share more information on how we could reproduce the issue directly on your site?

    Kind regards,

    thanks, seems to have gone away

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