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  • ewingate


    Im getting these weird comments in my blog… anyone have any idea what they are? I get alot of them.. are they spam? here is a few examples of what they look like.

    Rhonda Sandoval | | IP:


    Al Drake | | IP:


    Maynard Kinney | | IP:


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  • zork40


    I’m getting them too. No clue why, but they look suspicious.



    Me too, and Akismet is not catching them.

    I’m clueless. Could it have something to do with an RSS feedback or something similar?

    Log in as a “stranger” and request an RSS feed back to your own IN box and see if that creates something similar.

    This is spam, of course. It’s basically a spamming false-positive technique called “poisoning the well”. Marking these as spam will teach Akismet to start blocking them in short order. If they bother you that much in the meantime, you can always block that IP address (94.102.60) in your Settings.

    has anyone put an IP address on the blacklist only to see it come up again and again in akismet? i thought the blacklist would override akismet and the IP address would be banned, period.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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