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  • Hello everyone,

    I export my database to another site of mine (located on a different server and hosting provider), usually on a weekly basis or so. After importing database to the destination site, I get some strange characters. For instance, instead of getting “, i get ?? (on Firefox) or some other bizarre graphic sign (on Explorer). Any suggestion to fix that? Thanks.

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  • Anyone? I used phpMyAdmin for the transfer, maybe it helps. I should add that, checking for similar questions, I ‘ve found similar questions, but no definitive solutions. Thanks again.

    I refer to one my post related to similar problem:

    Character convertion problem

    Yours may be the same or similar.

    Try to check mysql char settings on both server.
    Your may find more clues using “mysql” “character” etc. keywords in your search.

    Thanks, I will try your suggestion.
    In my source database, characters are by default in latin1_swedish_ci. When I import in the destination server, by default phpMyAdmin proposes utf-8.
    When I imported database changing this option to latin1_swedish_ci, I got several more “damaged” characters.
    What do I have to do to get characters converted by default in utf-8 in my source server?

    Hm…, not really knowledgable in this area 🙁

    I suggest, you do the same as I described:

    First, select one post from your dump and enter into the translating website. Define source as latin1_swedish_ci and the target as utf-8.

    See, if it works. If it is OK then you can proceed with your whole dump, keeping in mind the size limit.

    Also, check the char set at your new host. Just make a clean install of WordPress, dump it and see for the char setting in the table definitions.

    You may ask for help from the provider, as well.

    Oops !
    Old Firehand 🙂

    Thanks, I’ve actually modified, in the destination server (using phpMyAdmin) the collation, from latin to utf. Then, I’ve exported the modified database, and reinstalled in the destination server. A little bit clumsy…I think it works now…

    Hallelujah 🙂

    I have this happen to my site , I did all the steps above but however I found out that it still didn’t work. After playing with the database I managed to manually replace each weird characters to it’s original one. Hope it helps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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