Weird but common problem... pulling my hair out (2 posts)

  1. chima78
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok, so I purchased a new domain name from GoDaddy and promptly changed the nameservers to HostGator, which is where my sites are hosted.

    I created a new mySQL DB and added a user.

    I added the new addon domain.

    My file structure is now /public_html/addondomain/

    My problem is the following:

    I can install WP in the root of my maindomain without a problem, but the URL is wrong.

    So I installed WP in the /public_html/addondomain/ folder. Again, no problem. I can access my blog through the URL maindomain.com/addondomain/wp-admin etc etc

    Still, that's not what I'm looking for.

    I changed the options in WP so that the Blog URL shows addondomain.com

    The Permalinks automatically change to addondomain/X, which is fine.

    When I click on "visit site" or enter the addondomain URL in my browser I get some weird search engine that is using my addon domain name.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?

    Thanks and sorry for the long winded post... just wanted to be as thorough as possible.

  2. Samuel B
    Posted 6 years ago #

    that is fairly weird
    maybe try this
    put your index.php in maindomain.com/addondomain
    and the rest of the files in maindomain.com/addondomain/folder

    actually a link to the behavior would really be helpful

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