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    Ok here’s a weird one that I’m hoping someone can help me with. A couple days ago I created a page titled “Downloads” and put Coming Soon on it and that’s it. Pretty sure I checked it and was fine, today someone tells me that page is blank. Nothing there, no header, footer, menu, just blank. Checked it and can’t see why it would be blank. So I deleted it, created a new Downloads page and this new page is also blank. So I deleted that one created a new page, named it “Test” and it comes up fine. Renamed that page to Downloads and again it’s blank. So basically I can create any new page just not name it Downloads, which I would like to do.

    Any thoughts on why a page that’s named Downloads would be blank? Is there a cache to clear or something like that? I’m not 100% sure it was this way, blank, from the beginning but I usually check and preview a new page even if it only has Coming Soon on it. But being that that’s all that was on the page, maybe I didn’t, if that helps.

    And fyi, when I deleted the original Downloads page I did empty the trash so it’s gone.

    Thank you.

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    Try changing the “Downloads” page slug to something different and visit the new page URL.

    You wouldn’t happen to be using a page slug like /downloads/ while actually having a /downloads/ directory in the same place?

    If yes, and you are using fancy permalinks, then the rewrite rules will serve the directory and not your page.

    Wow! I feel like such an idiot, there is a “downloads” directory. Thank you so much!

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