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  • Hi. A strange behavior I am having. I noticed that since updating to the last version, I stopped receiving notification on new comments. Was surprised when I found out it was because the “E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment ” option was unchecked, although I did not remember having unchecked that.
    Anyway, I checked and saved, and strangely enough, after saving, the box is unchecked again.

    Tried several times, logged out and in again, no luck.

    I use Intense Debate plugin, and I made sure that the option to ” Email all admins when a new comment is posted ” is checked,

    What could be causing this ?

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  • I disabled IntenseDebate plugin and the checkbox selection was now saved !!

    Strange. I would understand it if the setting in IntenseDebate was to “NOT SEND emails when comments are posted”.. but the setting there is the same as in the WP Discussion settings, to enable comment emails !

    I noticed that if I enabled comment emails then activated ID plugin, the comment emails is disabled automatically, even without saving the Discussion settings page.

    So how can I have ID enabled while still receiving notifications on comments ??

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